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Roll Your Own Mandala Set 7


Cross stitch charts: includes 1 large and 7 small mandalas.

Stitch along with us on this kaleidoscopic mandala series by Ink Circles. This is a unique project that allows stitchers to make a stained glass mandala piece that could be custom colored to match whatever they pleased. The shading work is already done and very simple rules are given to allow folks to create new color schemes. Each of the three charts in this series gives nine different pre-made colorways that can be used also.

Patterns include each mandala shown in three different colorways with mix and match palette options. Large mandala Chart is 115 stitches square; smalls vary up to 71 stitches. They use 12 shades plus black of any brand solid colored floss. There are no partial or specialty stitches.

The large mandala is shown in three different colorways. The colorways can be mixed and matched between the seven sets or the stitcher can use the included guide to select their own colors. Stitchers can also use any of the RYO palettes that I've given in my blog or that have been posted to the 2014 RYO group.

This is Set 7.