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Little Alien Schoolgirl


So, you were perhaps wondering what a schoolgirl sampler would look like if it were made by a young girl on an alien planet at some time in the future?

A reproduction of Roswell time capsule artifact from a future colonial mission.

191 x 256 Stitches, done on 30 count Weeks Linen in Baby's Breath. Weeks Threads used: Galvanized (2), Tiger's Eye, Swiss Chocolate, Loden, Baked Apple (2), Red Pear, Blue Jeans (2), Cypress, Bullfrog, Terra Cotta, Cinnabar (2), Plum (2).

You are invited to read along in the blog where I discuss what some of these images might mean. (http://inkcircles.blogspot.com/) The chart includes our best guess as to the meaning of the motifs and text.