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Instar Print


This is one of my Celtic ink drawings. This unique combination of Celtic and entomological motifs drawn up in a striking black and white geometric pattern echoes the crazy, competing influences in my artistic life. The title of the piece is "Instar," which is the term entomologists (bug-studiers) use to describe the different developmental stages of insects. In the picture, you can see an adult beetle, her eggs, the larvae, and what's left of the leaf they munched on. I drew it using India ink.

This print is based on my original ink drawing and was reproduced in archival ink on heavy art paper. The paper is 9 x 12" which includes a white border around the design for framing.

This image is copyrighted (c) 2013. The artist (that's me - Tracy Horner) retains all rights to the artwork. The watermark is NOT on the print or the original.

You are purchasing an unmounted, unmatted, unframed print.