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Fjord Ponies


Cross stitch chart

This sampler started out life as a sweater!

My Mum, Cindy Wasner, designs Scandanavian styled knitted sweaters and accessories under the company name Norsk Needlework. Her Wild Blue Horses sweater featured Norwegian Fjord Ponies and Tree of Life motifs on a background of snowflakes and angels. As these fine-gauge motifs work so well for embroidery, she chose to rework things in that medium. Her Fjord Ponies sampler is the result.

You can find and purchase her sweater and accessories pattern at her site: Norsk Needlework.

Since her sampler pattern will find itself at home better amongst other cross stitch charts, she's permitting me to handle the marketing and distribution.

Stitched with seven shades of Vikki Clayton's Hand-dyed Silks on Vintage Sugar Maple 36 count by Lakeside Linens.

296 x 296 stitch count.

Designed and stitched by Cynthia Wasner.