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This is the culmination of all those tiny 10 x 10 album covers you might have seen on my FaceBook page. Each of the little albums is mounted on a tiny neodymium magnet and a steel plate is behind the stitching. You can move the albums around to show "what's playing" on your MP3 player. We are currently listening to some Rolling Stones. The instructions on assembling Earbuds as an interactive piece are included with the chart.

This was based on an ink drawing I made where the headphone cords made some decidedly more artistic knots than the knots they usually make in real life.

You can (of course) stitch the album covers directly on the background fabric and frame or finish as a normal piece. You can also stitch the mp3 player and cords in a custom color combo to match your own player.

This was stitched with DMC on Picture This Plus "Stellar" linen.